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What is a profit and loss satement for?

Any business owner in order to evaluate a financial state of his/her company and define to which extent its activity is lucrative has to prepare a profit and loss statement. This document further helps to distribute funds correctly and avoid unnecessary expenses.

A financial statement is proper for any type of business. With the help of this document you can easily measure the company`s fianancial performance for a certain fiscal period.

It is vital to compare current statement with those for last years in order to understand the company`s profitability.

On our site you will find a wide range of fillable profit and loss statement templates in pdf, which will help you through accounting process. They can be prepared online as well as to be downloaded on a computer. If it is required, you can easily create a personalized document using a variety of our editing tools.

You can prepapare a good statement effortlessly according to the specified instructions. Usually a profit and loss statement includes the following information:

  • name and address of the company;
  • date of preparing a statement;
  • type of company`s activity;
  • fill in the fields that apply to your business;
  • calculate the amount of income including gross sales and other types of income;
  • calculate the amount of all company`s expenses including legal fees, advertising, supplies, payroll expenses etc.
  • define total amounts of income and losses;
  • insert the amount of net income including that with taxes.

After a document is completed, it is vital to check if all figures provided are correct in order to avoid further shortcomings. Signing a document will be much easier with our service of electronic signature. Share a final document online or email to a recipient.

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