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What would a typical profit and loss statement for a fast food outlet?

Food cost-30% Packing Material & non food material-3-8% Petrol-2% Gas/fuel- 4% Transportation-0.2% Cleaning -0.3% water charges-0.2% Repair & Maintenance-Shop-0.3% Repair & Maintenance-Bike-0.3% Staff food & Refreshment-1.4% Customer not paid-0% Salary (Shop staff)-21% Rent-6% Electricity-3% Telephone & Internet-0.3% Stationary-0.2% Other misc-0.3% Pest Control-0.2% Out of pocket-0.7% Paper inserts-1.4% Marketing-3.4% Vat-5% Total Expenses-88% Profit-12% This is how a P&L (budgeted) look like for one particular outlet. Cannot disclose the brand.

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