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What is your opinion on Kanhaiya Kumar's statement that the current?

The same statement can be made and is much more relevant to the previous Governments of this country. Consider a few statistics and facts MNREGA was set up to ensure the rural people are gainfully employed and by this gainful employment public goods are created in rural areas which work towards making the rural economies more competitive and self reliant. I want to see a record of public goods created through this scheme. Also how did they ensure that the beneficiaries got amounts without paying a cut to middlemen. Question why did Congress not think of direct benefits. Things like Aadhar were created by them. What efforts did they make to ensure financial inclusion of rural people. I believe that Naya is another such scheme which will privatise the profits and socialise the losses. If one notices no safeguards have been made part of manifesto. Hypocrite is the word which comes to mind.

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