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Is statement of comprehensive income the same as statement of profit?

I think I know what youre trying to mean (hopefully). The statement of profit and loss has the basics Sales, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, Expenses, and Net Income, among others. The thing that the Statement of Comprehensive Income has that a stand-alone Statement of Profit and Loss has is the Other Comprehensive Income (OCI) portion. Im not sure if you know what OCI is, but in a nutshell, its gains and losses that do not form part of the profit and loss as set out in the IAS/IFRS. A major difference between OCI and income through profit and loss is that OCI does not form part of Retained Earnings at the balance sheet date. Based on that, you can notice that the items under OCI do not arise from the core income-generating activities of the company, and the realization of the income under OCI (when it actually turns to cash) can really be far down the companys existence, and it doesnt make sense to include them under Retained Earnings.

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