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Is it safe to show your stock broker profit?

Yes. I've been doing that for years. I share access to my real money accounts, every single trade, win or lose, and my P&L. Most accounts allow you to set up two passwords, the account holder password, and an investor (read only) password. You share that second one if you want to give the public access. I only share access with paying customers, though. If I let you see my account, and every trade, and I'm making money hand over fist, why would you pay me? Just copy my trades. So you do get access. Once you pay me. Before that, I'm happy to show you my performance, but no live, real time access. In fact, I show my performance every week on Sundays on my YouTube channel, publicly. Every week. Win or lose. And some weeks I do lose. Trading isn't about being right every time. It's about being right over time. Bigger winners, smaller losers. Repeat. And my record speaks for itself.

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