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How often should private practice doctors check their profit and loss?

A Doctor wouldnt know a P&L if it hit them in the stethoscope. It is the shame of all (or at least 99%) medical schools that they send doctors out into the real world, many to establish their own practice, with no business training whatsoever. This is so ridiculous it is hard to state, especially when it would not take more than a one hour course for a quarter or a two or three day mandatory seminar prior to graduation. The answer, just to be clear, is once a month, but it is not going to happen at all. Hopefully they hire a good business person to run the practice, but dont hold your breath. For more information on this and other related business issues refer to the Five-star rated Amazon Bestseller 60 Minute CFO: Bridging the Gap Between Business Owner, Banker and CPA.

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