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How can I use Excel to calculate a long?

What do you mean by equity profit or loss statement? How many transactions are underlying your statement? I do this all of the time, by the way; and I use Excel alone when I do it. I dont use Quickbooks or SAP or Oracle or SAGE or any such thing although I am not saying you should not do that! To do this I first have to classify my data: non current assets current assets non current liabilities current liabilities equity revenues revenue returns expenses expense credits adjustments and so on I then use or devise a chart of accounts to go with my data set and by doing so I need to bear in mind my profit and loss statement: Code 1 revenue Code 2 cost of revenue Code 3 gross profit and so on Now create a Pivot Table with the appropriate columns and there is your profit and loss statement. A modern Excel file will allow you to use millions of rows of data for these exercises now: just use Power Query and Power Pivot if appropriate.

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