Form profit and loss satement

How to Complete P&L Statement Online in PDF?


All the business owners no matter if their company is big or small have to evaluate its activity. One of the most important documents is a profit and loss statement. It allows the managers not only to define the financial state of their enterprise, but also to distribute funds correctly and avoid unnecessary payments.

Preparing such a template can be quite a time-consuming procedure. To facilitate the process of summarizing the revenues and expenses generated by the firm over the entire reporting period try a digital profit and loss form in PDF. Below you will find a short guide for completing it correctly as well as the list of information needed.

Why to Create a Profit and Loss Template?

All companies and enterprises have to generate revenue to stay in business. Such revenues are used to cover expenses, interest payments on debt, and taxes owed to the government. After the costs of running a business are paid, the amount left is called net income. The amount of spending later has to be compared with the amount of net income to evaluate to which extent the firm`s activity is lucrative.

How to Fill out a Statement of Earnings?

Preparing the form requires great attention. All the information have to be provided accurately to get a correct result. To define the company's profitability you have to compare current profit and loss form with those for previous years. To evaluate properly the amount of revenue and expenses during the specified term you have to provide the following:

  • company name and address;
  • current date;
  • activity of a corporation;
  • gross sales and other types of revenue;
  • all spending including depreciation, legal fees, wages and salaries, utilities, rent, meals and entertainment etc.;
  • total income and losses;
  • net benefit including taxes withheld.

Once you finish, check if all the data is correct and sufficient. Preparing a PDF sample, you further can share it with your partners or send by email straight from the source. Moreover, a filled template can be saved to a computer and then printed out in seconds.